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The CXE (Engineered) Series represents the industry benchmark for quality and reliability. CPM aims to provide the industry’s highest level of technology with the CXE.

The CXE is the most suitable product for you if you require:

  • Reliability under extreme operating conditions
  • Technical advantage through highly engineered/specialized design and configuration
  • A highly customized machine design due to a unique operating environment
  • Advanced process control and/or system integration

The CXE has found its place among globally leading producers with the most demanding requirements and is supported by a global network and the highest levels of CPM engineering and service resources.

Standard Geometry

The CXE series design incorpora

tes the industry standard 1.55 Do/Di ratio, allowing customers to take advantage of the Century Extrusion value proposition without shouldering the high costs of qualifying a new process section geometry.

Long-Term Reliability

Century Extrusion high speed/high torque gearbox was co-developed with one of the world leading suppliers of twin screw gearboxes. In addition to the highest power and safety factors available, the Century Extrusion gearbox offers a main bearing life of up to 50,000 hours.

Advanced Wear

Century Extrusion has decades of experience developing industry-leading wear materials including high torque, cold rolled shafts, PM screw elements materials and tungsten carbide barrels. The CXE line offers these materials as a standard.

Design Flexibility

The CXE series allows for a high level of user definition in the specification of:

  • Process section metallurgy and configuration
  • Power and torque
  • Process control and automation