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The industry benchmark for quality and reliability through the latest technology

The CXE Series represents the industry benchmark for quality and reliability.

Main principle and use

This series has been developed through 25 years of focus on customers’ requirements. They are globally well known as the benchmark in the market. The criteria for building a CXE extruder is: highest level of quality, highest level of reliability and highest flexibility towards customer requirements. Regarding all different machine parts, we will select all components, gearbox and shaft material with keeping in mind these criteria.  

The advantages

The design of the CXE Series offers excellent quality and meets your highly demanding requirements. Investing in a CXE series will bring you benefits on different levels:

  • Ideal machine if you require to operate under extreme operating conditions

  • Highly customized machine

  • OD/ID ratio of 1.55

  • We offer responsive engineering consulting

  • Advanced process control and/or machine integration

  • Long term reliability

  • High wear resistant materials

Machine design engineering

CPM Extrusion group will design your CXE to meet your specific requirements.  We can offer custom feeding and degassing equipment, unlimited screw configurations, user specified key components like instrumentation, motors and pumps. The CXE series also allows for a high level of user definition in the specification of process control platforms and automation.

The CXE series design incorporates the industry standard 1.55 Do/Di ratio. In addition to the highest power and safety factors available, the Century Extrusion gearbox offers a main bearing life of up to 50,000 hours

CXE feature series: HO and sHO

Our CXE machines are available in two feature series which build on each other.

Firstly, our HO - High Output – Is the CPM Extrusion Group solution for 24/7 compounders who require the highest torque and power.  The HO offers a 18Nm/cm³ torque density gearbox and offers screw speeds of up to 1200-1500 rpm.  The HO is equipped with our proprietary cold-formed premium screw shafts and a broad choice of wear protection for screws and barrels.

Secondly, our sHO – smart High Output – series offers (in addition to the HO series features) a broad variety of smart features to support multi screw extruder operations at the highest level of performance. The HO includes our independent shaft torque measurement technology which monitors the torque of each shaft, greatly reducing the risk of a machine crash due to imbalanced torque transmission.

The HO also features an oil monitoring system which measures oil quality via inline analysis of temperature, moisture, light transmission and various other parameters reflecting the oil condition. Additionally, we apply vibration and temperature sensors for condition monitoring of the gearbox and motor bearings.

Energy monitoring is an important feature of state of the art compounding equipment as it instantly shows the energetic compounding efficiency by measuring electrical power of motor, heaters and auxiliary equipment as well as the cooling water consumption.


  • Adhesives
  • Direct extrusion
  • Engineered plastics
  • Powder coatings and toners
  • Masterbatch
  • Reactive extrusion