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High performance replacement barrels from Century Extrusion.

Advanced Technology

Century Extrusion has responded effectively and consistently to the expanding needs for high torque, high speed extrusion products. Century Extrusion is a leader in high torque, rolled shaft technology producing shafts that can withstand significant increases in load, torque, and temperature. Working with leading materials suppliers, Century Extrusion has developed materials with the highest torque capacity and hardness properties to manufacture superior extruder shafts.

Cold Formed Advantage

Cold-formed shafts have improved surface finish that increases fatigue life. Dimensional stability with respect to required tolerances is greatly enhanced with the cold-forming process. A single tool setting is used during manufacturing which diminishes spline variation ensuring a perfect shaft element fit. The cold-forming process generates compressive stress within the spline form. Materials in compression will not crack, whereas materials in tension will elongate and eventually fail.



Shaft Capabilities 

  • Spline, hex, keyed
  • High performance alloy steels selected to match specific applications
  • Configurations for most major twin screw manufacturers including; Coperion, Werner & Pfleiderer, Berstorff, Clextral, Davis Standard, APV, and many more


Coatings for extreme environments:

  • Surface treatments to aid in corrosion resistance
  • Surface treatments to assist in the easy assembly of elements.

Material elements, including:

  • H-11
  • 300 M
  • 17-4 Ph
  • 4340
  • And many more

Testing & Results 

In a controlled environment, Century Extrusion conducted comparative tests of the cold-formed shaft and the competitive shaft on the market. Subjecting both shafts to uniform unidirectional torsion load cycles, these tests measured the fatigue life of each shaft at elevated temperatures. Century Extrusion rolled shafts outperformed the highest-rated shaft on the market by 25%.