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Because of its advanced features and economical price, the TSE series by Ruiya Extrusion is one of the most commonly used machines in China.

Through 20 years of development, the TSE has become an industry standard in China.

TSE Series Features:

The CX Series was developed for high level users of twin screw extruders that are searching for the same level of throughput, quality and reliability at a reduced cost. The CX incorporates the following features:

  • Closed loop barrel cooling package
  • Modular barrel configuration with individual heaters and control zones
  • Vent ports for atmospheric venting
  • Splined Shafts
  • Self-wiping segmented screws
  • User-friendly analog or PLC control systems
  • Integrated torque limiting system
  • Prove and reliable gearbox
  • Robust frame design
  • Vacuum ports and vacuum systems
  • Available with screw speeds of max 600 RPM
  • Available sizes 20mm-135mm

Advanced features at an economical price.  The TSE series represents the standard for entry level machines in China. It is our most economical solution. All components are sourced from top Chinese and global suppliers.

TSE Series Plus

The TSE Plus allows processors to obtain advanced performance within the TSE series.  The TSE Plus offers higher output, higher torque and higher reliability than the TSE base models.  The TSE Plus includes all of the features of the TSE and the following additions:

  • European high torque gearbox with the industry’s highest safety factor, low noise and significantly longer working life.
  • European high performance gearbox lubrication system
  • European safety clutch for advanced mechanical protection
  • Frame with increased rigidity and strength
  • Barrels and shafts that are interchangeable with the TSE base models

Higher performance within the TSE Series. The TSE Plus includes all of the features of the TSE base models with the following additional features:

  • Higher output and torque
  • European gearbox, lubrication system and safety clutch
  • Stronger, more rigid frame


TSC Series Tandem Extruder Production Systems

The TSC tandem system offered by Ruiya Extrusion is the perfect solution for the compounding of heat and shear sensitive polymers like:

  • Plasticized PVC
  • Rigid PVC
  • Cable compounds
  • EVA

The first step in the TSC processing system utilizes a twin screw for compounding. After compounding, the polymer is transferred to a low speed single screw extruder where it is discharges through a die.